• What country you're shipping the goods from? Turkey? Estonia? 

Yes, the warehouse is in Istanbul, so the expeditions are done from Turkey.

  • Can I get FREE shipping for customer orders if they spend 99$?

We do not offer free delivery, but we have one of the cheapest rates of express delivery in the market Shipping rates

  • Are you planning to have any UNISEX or WOMEN street wear in the future?

Unfortunately, we’re not thinking of including women clothing yet.

  • When I'm logged in to your website, are the prices final?

No, the prices might vary according to the membership or sales seasons.

  • Is it possible to get a discount code?

Yes, only for Premium Gold and Business memberships

  • Are there no delays in processing times/shipping if I have a custom packaging?

No, our shipping duration is respected as shown on the table click here
In case of delivery rapture or unexpected issues all members are informed before hand and can claim a refund for the package (If it’s not shipped)

  • Is it possible to get a custom package?

Yes, Premium Gold & Business member only.

  • What’s the logo on the clothes?

Our own production line bran “ Ganjack’s”

How long does delivery take?

Please check the delivery duration here


  • Will there be any additional paper added to my parcel?

No, only if requested by the drop shipper.

  • Do I have to pay for the taxes?

No, depends on the region the taxes are added at the checkout.

  • Can I add a tag with or my brand’s label on the products?

Yes, Business members can request this service.

  • Why are the quantities of your goods small?

Fast fashion is “FAST” and to keep our products interesting and trendy our styling and designing team might choose to have low stocks for certain designs or will not be restock it (when outdated)

  • I have a ''premium'' plan. So is it valid for me for 14 days for free?

Yes, the trial period is 14 days.

  • Do you design websites?

For Business membership we can assist customers with bugs or advice better design. (Extra fees might be imposed) 

  • Do you clear customs in all countries?

Yes, for further information please contact our administration,

  • Do you design your own jeans? What brands are the jeans? Do they carry competitors' logos? 

Some of the designs are chosen and produced by Monodrop, there no competitors logos or brands on the clothing.

  • How can I place my order? 

It is as simple as placing an order on an online shop.
Login to >> find the desired item> add to cart > check out > add the address to which the product will be delivered > payment page > Congratulations your purchase will be shipped within few hours.

  • What payment options do I have? 

Master card, Visa card, American express, PayPal

  • Do you provide personal customization from website to logo design and tags?

Only for Business member (extra fees might be imposed)

  • Which membership allows you to drop ship? 

Basic, Premium Silver, Premium Gold and Business.

  • How do you calculate the weighting and can I incorporate it into my system? 

Please check the table click here  

  • What carriers do you work with?

DHL express, UPS express.

  • How often do you restock? 

It depends on the activity, generally once a week.

  • Can we put an ad on items that are sold out or have less 5 pieces?

Advertising is up to, for Business members we offer Marketing and advertising advice when requested.

  • Do I have to add photos manually?

No, Syncee or Syncio are application that synchronize our products to your store automatically

  • Do I have to adjust the prices manually?

Yes, please check Shopify forms

  • Should I put my contact info or customers' when placing an order?

No, we need the contact and info of the destination of the purchase.


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