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It is that time of the year when you feel the urge of starting something new, kick-start a business idea, establish your own company or just make some money a side. So, to fuel that well you need information, and there is a lot of it out there. You open a search engine and type “dropshipping” hmm, “dropshipping suppliers” or, let’s try “drop…….” And the list goes on and you face same companies repeating themselves over and over keeping you from reaching what you’ve really been looking for! Here are some tips that will help you choose the right dropshipping supplier, that suits your e-commerce store.
  1. Handling & shipping time.
    With all the competition and providers out there, established brands and giant retail store, providing a high quality service and express shipping with a competitive price is a big plus for your brand. It will not only be a good feature that will ease your business , but also a factor of increasing the return customer's rate and keep your beloved clients satisfied with your services. With Monodrop is it possible to get these features with unique designer streetwear starting $17.00 and Express shipping with rates between $14.00 and $22.00 depending on the regions, more about our shipping rate.
  2. Winning products:
    With high marketing expenses, running ads on Facebook, Google and other platform it is crucial to find a winning product that will leave you with a profit that will cover the expenses. Monodrop provides you with trending products that will sale with ease and get you an adequate return to grow your business. For instance, Ripped jeans, designer patched streetwear and other best selling items check our products here

  3. Easy or Free return::
    Since the customers are buying online, they might choose the wrong fit or misjudge their true size as shown on the size chart. So, an easy return policy will save you the hustle of emails and phones that you have to go trough to return a product. Even better a Free return policy will be a great incentive to motivate the customers by safely knowing that they can exchange or return the product if it doesn't fit or doesn't look as in the photos, learn more about returns.

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